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Caitríona Ní Loideáin

Actor: Máire Eilís Ní Fhlaithearta

Family & Relationships: Vince de Búrca, Maeve Ní Loideáin, Fiach Ó Tuairisg, Jennifer Uí Thuairisg


Occupation:  Owns the local beauty salon Loinnir. 

Caitríona is a fashion conscious, sexy, intelligent and ambitious woman but possesses a self-centred streak.  Her selfishness often makes her impatient, resentful and sharp.  She is best soothed with compliments and spoiled with gifts. Caitríona sees herself as the star performer in whatever position she finds herself in. Occasionally hot-tempered, Caitríona will get her claws out if you step out of line.

Caitríona would be a lot more mellow and easier to deal with when in the throes of a relationship, but she often finds herself unlucky in love, her search for Mr. Right has caused her plenty of heartache.