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Evan Ó Conghaile

Actor: Colm Ó Fátharta

Family & Relationships: Berni Ní Neachtain, Máire Uí Chonghaile, Peadar Ó Conghaile, Sarah Uí Fhlatharta, Leanora O'Connor, Cathal Hennessy, Andy Ó Neachtain, Jude Uí Neachtain, Liam Ó Conghaile



Evan is polite, considerate and always eager to please. Growing up as a child he has been acutely conscious how his mother would see any wayward behaviour from him as a reflection on her. Despite this he has upset the apple cart on more than one occasion, much to his mothers dismay. Evan is fiercely loyal and protective of Berni. Growing up without a father figure he has struggled with his identity at times, his grandfather Peadar has been a good and constant role model n his life.