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Jason O'Connor

Actor: Ciabhán Ó Murchú

Family & Relationships: Leanora O'Connor, Cuán O'Connor, Tadhg Ó Direáin, Frances Uí Dhireáin, Áine Ní Dhireáin, Eimear O'ConnorEoin Farren, Rita O'Connor, Paddy O'Connor


Occupation: DJ and owner of Gaudi 

Jason is happy go lucky with a positive view on life. He struggles to connect with his father who is his polar opposite. Jason is very forgiving, and has given Tadhg more than his fair share of second chances, but ends up being let down by him, time and time again.  Jason is an old school kind of man, who will open doors for the love in his life, but unfortunately has had too many doors closed in his face.