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Frances Uí Dhireáin

Actor: AnnMarie Ní Óráin

Family & Relationships: Tadhg Ó DireáinÁine Ní DhireáinJason O'Connor, Leanora O'Connor, Cuán O'Connor, George Ó Brádaigh, Minnie Uí Bhrádaigh


Occupation: Manager of the Community Centre/Local Publican.

Frances has an uncanny ability to find a common ground with people, regardless of how like or unlike her they are. This common touch leads many people to believe they know her well, but in reality she is a private person who is slow to let her guard down. Nothing is more important to her than family. Her ability to get through the hard times, as well as her emotional strength, makes Frances a force to be reckoned with. Frances unlike no other has access to Tadhg’s softer side and is more than a match for him when he steps out of line.